When you make music, you call up a lot of ghosts. American music no less than any other.

This country may be new, but its people are ancient.nWhen you play its music, you’re responsible – if not to them, then for them.

If your melody waxes nostalgic for Dixie, then your words better talk the ghosts down.

    • “The more, the merrier.”
    • “Be my guest.”
    • “No offense, but …”
    • “It’s not a threat; it’s a promise.”
    • “No pun intended.”
    • “Nothing to see here, folks.”
    • “This hurts me more than it hurts you.”
    • “People always ask me …”
    • “I’m not a racist, but …”
    • “Not to brag, but …”
    • “Well, I’m sorry that you …”
    • “… literally …”