The Obvious One

I just don’t want to do it.

Solution: Just do it.

The Pernicious One

I’m feeling guilty about not completing the task yet, but I would rather avoid it then deal with that feeling and the consequences. This one usually makes itself worse.

Solution: Forgive myself for the delay. Then, just do it.

The Narcissistic One

I need the last minute pressure of the approaching deadline to force me give up on my silly perfectionism and accept less-than-perfect work from myself.

Solution: Manage expectations about what kind of time and energy I can put into a project/task, then just do it.

The Cynical One

I’m nursing the task in my own task list because it keeps me in control of the project, instead of putting the ball in someone else’s court where it belongs.

Solution: Sharing is caring, and I’m in the caring business. Let someone else do it.