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  1. @kwlblt Fun Wilco fact. Glenn has taken the year off to be his child’s primary caregiver while his wife concentrates on her Fulbright research. A sweet guy, amazing talent*, and devoted to equally in his marriage.

    /* If you haven’t heard his solo work, I highly recommend it.

  2. @kwlblt Especially beautiful ones who are a joy to light.
    One reason I really like working with Amanda is she memorizes everything and plays with her eyes closed. So I can dramatically blast her in the face and create awesome shadows that would be impossible with other musicians.

  3. @kwlblt I also didn’t mean to confine that comment to women. While I can’t blind Jeff, he is a gorgeous man and his skin is a joy to light. There’s just so much luscious warmth within it. Which matches perfectly when he plays Paola Prestini’s music. They’re married and, unsurprisingly, Paola writes incredible music for the cello and Jeff interprets it with great nuance.

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